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Coloring hair is one of my fave things to do, I have done so many shades and colors, but most of them are shipped from abroad. Sadly they are not even made for Pinoy hair. So sometimes it's trial and error when trying to update my hair color.

Whenever I feel like going to dark brown or brown, my go to brand is KOLOURS that is easy to find at most stores like Watsons.

KOLOURS DUAL CONDITIONING HAIR COLOR (FOR MEN) is a permanent, vibrant and long-lasting coloring that lasts for at least 3 months.

Its formula is made especially for Asian hair - since Asian hair is generally darker and thicker, it makes it more resistant to coloring. The unique formula of Kolours allows the product to penetrate properly, giving you marvelous color from root to tip.

Plus even more perks:
  • It wont leave your hair dry because it contains Vitamin E and B5.
  • Non-drip formula means a less hassle DIY coloring at home.
  • Available in 22 shades, so you'll find something you'll like!

Manufactured proudly by Pinoy company Splash, a local leader in personal care products, Kolours for men is the best choice for the Pinoy guy who wants to up his hair game!

Each kit includes the following: 50g creme colorant tube, 70ml bottle color developer, 2 sachets after-treatment conditioner, 1 pair of plastic hand gloves and an instruction leaftet for an affordable price of P250 per box.

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