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Mannequin Twinning with Your Mini-Me

In the rush to buy gifts for your BFF’s, and those you look up to, don’t overlook those little tykes closest to the ground. If you have a little brother or sister, you might be stumped when trying to decide what to buy them. After all, buying clothes for the family has mostly been the job of your parents. Well, show them your mature side. Find out what size your little siblings wear, then shop for cute little outfits they can show off this holiday season. Imagine how much fun you’ll have getting them to strike a mannequin pose in their matching outfits.

Before you think, that sounds a little pricey, consider this, using a money saving coupon like those offered on Groupon can save you so much money you can buy outfits for them and everyone else in the family. And a Groupon for Carter’s comes immediately to mind. Just check out the great deals you can snag like 25% off everyday items and even more for things that are on sale. Using a Groupon coupon is quick and easy because you can use them from your phone or other mobile device and skip all the coupon cutting and shelf clearing that’s so passé.

Getting the look you want can happen for less and in a very clever way if you plan carefully and shop wisely. Stick to basics – fleece or denim always works, because clothes made in those fabrics come in so many basic styles and sizes. Fleece and Love is available right now for 50% off, so you can start right there and build a great wardrobe. Groupon offers lots of ways to save on Carter’s amazing stock of name brand clothing for babies, toddlers and tikes up to age 8. Shoes, boots, onesies, outerwear – you name it, and you can obtain it for less.

And with Carter’s Daily Doorbuster deals and items starting at $4 you can shop all you like and have your items delivered for a flat $6 fee. That sure beats getting caught up in the Black Friday stampede.
Just think how cute the photos will be when they’re ready for their close-ups.

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