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SKK Phoenix G1 is an O+ Air Shuffle rip-off and affordable quadcore smartphone!

Another SKK Mobile smartphone to be announced this week is the SKK Phoenix G1, A Quad Core Made Affordable for only Php 3,799 and with major features!

It's 4 times the power at a low price! 

Packed with amazing specs!

With SKK Phoenix G1, you can wave your hand into the phone and launch some actions. Reminds us of O+ Air Shuffle don't we?

Phoenix G1 has a Intelligent Wake Up feature. You can draw some gestures while the phone is in sleep mode to launch some actions

Phoenix G1 has a special textured back cover and a 145.8x73.1x8.0mm

Go like them at Facebook too for updates and latest news on their products at https://www.facebook.com/skk.mobilephone or visit http://skkmobile.com.ph/
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