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BPI Family Savings Bank Auto Loan Introduces its 'Money Back' Promo!

Continuously aiming to provide excellent services in the Auto Loan industry, BPI Family Savings Bank Auto Loan introduces its newest and most innovative promo to date. The ‘Money Back’ Promo is a car loan that gives you a 10% rebate on your loan amount! With this auto loan and investment rolled into one, BPI Family Savings Bank sets the standard in making your money work for you by giving you an opportunity to upgrade to your next car as the rebate can serve as a significant portion of your upcoming down payment!

Through this promo, BPI Family Savings Bank Auto Loan is thrilled to be the provider of a car loan that lets you invest your money while helping you change the way you think about your money and making the best happen! The one-of-a-kind Money Back Promo allows you to enjoy a 10% rebate (based on your loan amount) after a loan has been fully paid and was handled satisfactorily, and if another loan will be availed within 6 months of full payment. If no new loan is availed, you can still enjoy a 5% rebate!

In this Photo (L-R): Vice President of BPI Family Savings Bank, Noel Altamirano. Vice President and Head of BPI Family Auto Loan Division, Pepe Carlos, and Senior Manager and Product Manager of BPI Family Auto Loan, Jam Santiano at the promo launch that highlighted an exciting discussion of the ‘Money Back Promo.’

The 10% Money Back promo of BPI Family Savings Bankruns from June 3to August 31, 2014. For more details on the new promo, just visit any BPI/BPI Family Savings Bank branch or log on to www.bpiloans.com. Make the Best Happen, now!
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