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Some Interesting Facts About Godzilla

Before this large humongous kaiju hits the silver screens we scoured the net for some nifty facts that answers your questions on how big this time Godzilla is.

This Guy has the following:

1.73ft (53cm) Depth of Godzilla’s canine teeth at their widest point

3 miles (4.83km) Approximate distance Godzilla’s roar reverberates

3.51ft (1.07m) Length from the root to the tips of Godzilla’s canine teeth

60 Teeth in Godzilla’s mouth

58ft (17.66m) Total width of Godzilla’s feet across the widest point

60ft (18.18m) Length of Godzilla’s footprint from toe to heel

80 San Francisco city blocks demolished in the epic final battle in Godzilla

89 Dorsal fins spiking down Godzilla’s back from his head to the tip of his tail

355ft (108.2m) Godzilla’s towering height in the 2014 film—the tallest onscreen incarnation ever

550ft 4in (167.74m) Total length of Godzilla’s spiked tail

89,724 m3 Godzilla’s total volume in the 2014 film

90,000 tons Godzilla’s volume if filled with water
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