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Shoe Shopping at Converse Glorietta

Friday is not the most awesome day to shop since everyone is eager to leave work and that means traffic or so much people roaming around the mall. But it didn't stop us from taking a detour at Glorietta to take a look at the newly opened stores like Bershka, Aeropostale, Oxygen, Penshoppe and some other brands.

Glorietta is also the best place to claim Converse GCs and fit some new styles. So we took the opportunity to visit their store once again. This is latest the visit we had since we bought the studded brown sneakers which I love by the way.

Any Converse store is as comfy and very sporty indeed. You have so much space to move and choose the best sneakers for you. Converse also offers accessories, tops and bottoms for a complete get-up. Check out some of the photos we captured from the store below.

Everything is pretty much on wood, leather, tiles and steel which kinda reminds me of New York's streets. Also there isn't an inch of clutter everything has a space or gap between to each product shines. Their visual merchandising is really top notch!

Now it was off to pick our next Converse shoes. Well this was a hard task, coz by the looks of the whole store each section has all the good stuff! Look at the amazing variety of awesome sneakers to choose from.

You can choose from simple or basic to patterned or the studded ones. An hour is not enough to pick the right one for the moment.

This was our bet and the new yellow original hi-cut Converse sneakers but as soon as I saw the red one it was love at first sight!

They have also premium lines that are pure leather and costs more than Php7000. These babies are the luxury one and collaborations with other designers like John Varvatos and Jack Purcell.

Well we got our shoes and thank you to the awesome crew of the Converse Glorietta Store. They are very accommodating and really nice. We enjoyed shopping! Shopping for sneakers should not be boring you know :D

The new paperbags also look fantastic works of art!

Also they have a promo this month which you can get a Chuck Taylor Pouch for every single receipt purchase worth of Php3000. See photo below for details.

Finally meet our new Converse babies! 

Thank you again Converse Philippines and Converse Store Glorietta! We enjoyed shopping and loved our new sneakers as well! 
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