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Lot's A Pizza Improves Product Offerings and Partners with DOLE For A Total Pinoy Style Pizza.

Pizza is one of our favorite snacks and it comes in wide variety, although we are a sucker for the Italian made pizzas - we never backed out when Lot's A Pizza and Dole Philippines invited us for a taste of their fruitful partnership. (These two are both pioneers in their own right).

Lot's A Pizza, you usually see them in their kiosks or carts in every corner of the Metro, has a lot of interesting stuff going on lately. Known for their affordability and quality, they never missed out a chance on improving their products more for the sake of their Pinoy market.

Lots’ A Pizza is one of the most established local pizza chain in the country today providing Filipinos with the best affordable pizza since 1987. Currently, it has 204 pizza outlets and 50 franchisees. It is the only takeout and quick-served pizza chain in the country to provide Value for Money Pizza that is Filipino in taste.

So what's new aside from their new premium range of pizzas? Well, they just partnered with DOLE Philippines to supply them with pizza cut pineapple tidbits. It brings their products another notch with the competition. DOLE Pineapples are bursting in flavor and freshness, just the kind of ingredient Lot's A Pizza needs. 

The LAP team also introduced their pizzas in 3 different categories namely Premium, Best Sellers and Classic Line. 

Premium Line offers more toppings and mozzarella cheese instead of the pizza cheese. This is the best Pinoy Pizza we ever tasted period! 

The packaging for these premium items is also different and kinda looks like the major competitors in the business.

Here are the description of the three new Premium line of pizzas from LAP.

Manhattan Deluxe - Combination of 5 meat toppings – pepperoni, spiced ham, sweet ham, smoked bacon, and burger pellets, 4 veggie toppings – pineapple slices, button mushroom, green bell pepper and white onion, 2 cheese – LAP pizza cheese and mozzarella cheese, in Pinoy-style pizza sauce all on top of our rectangular premium thick crust.

Hawaiian Extreme - Two variations of ham plus smoked bacon and slices of sweet pineapple with LAP pizza cheese and mozzarella cheese, in Pinoy-style pizza sauce all on top of our rectangular premium thick crust.

Pure Beef Extreme - 100% Beef Burger Pellets together with button mushroom, white onion, bell pepper, LAP pizza cheese and mozzarella cheese in Pinoy-style pizza sauce all on top of our rectangular premium thick crust
Best Sellers are the most bought products by the target market and comes in five varieties namely Great Manhattan, Hawaiian Delight, Pure Beef Special, Pepperoni Mushroom and the latest addition to the group "Hotdog Festiva". This line comes in their original round parbaked crust.

This will suit your tummy and their pizza cheese is so perfect that you'll crave for more. Try all of them today and you will end up like us.. hoarding them all when its snack time.

The last of the line of Pizzas are the Classics. They are phenomenal by their own, LAP makes innovation with pizzas like magic that bursts into your mouth. How we wish they would come up with more Dine-in stores too.

Classic lines are Double Whammy, Bacon Blaza, Roast Beef N' Cheese, Hungarian Fiesta and Garden Harvest. All are in parbaked crust and pizza cheese too.

They also come out with seasonal products like this one called Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza that is offered during Mother's Day and Father's Day season.

This pizza comes with Burger pellets, bacon slices, tomato and white onion rings, 3 types of cheese in Pinoy-style pizza sauce all on top of our original parbaked crust.

That was mouth watering was it!? Try them today at your nearest Lot's A Pizza outlet or branch nationwide. 

More photos and highlight from the event below.

Bloggies enjoying all their pizzas.
President of LAP introducing us to the brand.
A special packaging and cut of pineapple just for LAP from Dole Philippines
LAP's Franchise Manage explaining the advantages of their low cost investment.

Lot's A Pizza and DOLE Management in their Photo opt for the media.

Let’s Pizza with Lots’ A Pizza and Dole… Take pleasure in satisfying your craving for a grand pizza feast!
For more information on Lots’ A Pizza’s latest menu offerings and franchising opportunities, log on to www.lotsapizza.com.ph.

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