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Let's Pizza With Lot's A Pizza ad DOLE Pineapples

Pizza is probably everybody’s favorite snack. Who can ever resist delicious mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce combined with mouth-watering variety of your desired toppings? It is definitely the top of mind treat for those casual get-togethers with family and friends.

We, Filipinos, have time and again re-invented this all-time favorite to suit our various taste and preference. In fact, a number of pizza chains have been established in the Philippines offering various flavorful selections. Lots’ A Pizza is one of the most established local pizza chain in the country today providing Filipinos with the best affordable pizza since 1987. Currently, it has 204 pizza outlets and 50 franchisees. It is the only takeout and quick-served pizza chain in the country to provide Value for Money Pizza that is Filipino in taste.
You can be sure to enjoy a satisfying and delicious pizza treat, as it uses only the quality and choicest ingredients. Lots’ A Pizza further aims to offer their customers a rewarding pizza experience, by partnering with another established food manufacturer, Dole Philippines.

Dole is committed to providing high-quality fresh fruits and packaged food products. Savor the delightful taste of Dole Pineapples, made from only the finest and freshly-picked pineapples. Its all-natural sweet taste makes for a perfect combination with other delicious toppings for a hearty pizza treat.

Check out these latest menu offerings of Lots’ A Pizza, featuring quality Pineapples from Dole and other quality ingredients. Enjoy flavorful toppings with Lots’ A Pizza’s Premium Line – Manhattan Deluxe, Hawaiian Extreme, and Pure Beef Supreme. Discover the yummy variety of their bestsellers – Great Manhattan, Hawaiian Delight, Pure Beef Special, Pepperoni n Mushroom, and Hotdog Festival. Plus, take a bite of its delectable classic offerings of Double Whammy, Roast Beef n’ Cheese, Bacon Blaze, Hungarian Fiesta, and Garden Harvest. Lots’ A Pizza’s latest product lines feature a wide variety of toppings ranging from the choicest meat, vegetables, juicy pineapples, Filipino-style sauces, and more.

Let’s Pizza with Lots’ A Pizza and Dole… Take pleasure in satisfying your craving for a grand pizza feast!
For more information on Lots’ A Pizza’s latest menu offerings and franchising opportunities, log on to www.lotsapizza.com.ph.

Make Everyday Shine with DOLE: DOLE Fruit Crisps in Pineapple Mango and Apple Pear flavors; DOLE Mandarin Orange Fruit Jars; DOLE Tropical Fruit Cocktails; DOLE Juice Drinks (Pineapple, Pineapple Orange, Four Seasons, and Pineapple Lychee); and DOLE Canned Pineapple slices, chunks and tidbits. DOLE products are available in all major supermarkets in the Philippines. For more information, you may also log on to our Facebook Fanpage, www.facebook.com/doleph.
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