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From Ash Brown to Blonde to Pink - A Bing Dio Salon Magic!

I really love coloring my hair and it's like a necessity for me to change it every now and then. I think its cool when you do it when you're young and get a blast with the choices each salon has.

I was introduced to a new salon here in Quezon City by a blogger friend and we were also referred to do their branding. So it was work and pleasure at the same time. The first try I was hesitant and just got a haircut and highlights and loved it!

Jerusalem N. Dio by Bing Dio Salon specializes in all kinds of hair, color, treatment and styling. To which I am very happy to be part of the sort of experiment and experience. Experiment, because I never tried other colors in my life and experience coz I never been in a salon more than 4 hours just to get pampered and well take cared of.  Their salon is located at Mother Ignacia in Quezon City and is just a ride away from our house.

The magical experience started when I asked them to make me blonde without the pain or whatsoever itch. I got what I wanted and ended up lovin' it so much that I flooded my Instagram friends with my hair selfie.

It starts with bleaching my ash brown hair and putting tons of foil to speed up the process of making it blonde.

After 45 minutes, my hair went like Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys and I totally loved it, but they wanted to make me look sleeker and not some sea side living teenager.

Then after a painless bleaching process, I got mossified to have that green-brownish effect kind of blonde which reminds me of my German colleague's hair at Sanrio. Again I loved it! They made it shinier and more softer, not an inch dull. 

After that I got keratin treatment and a nice head massage. Then it was off to blower and haircut by none other than Bing Dio herself. She is a rockstar that can make a punk or bad boy looks get out of you. Look at the results below, she trimmed and cleaned my side with just a pair of scissors and no razors or whatsoever.

She used something interesting on my hair as well after blow drying it. The product it called Bed Head Mega Whip which is an awesome hair texturizer and gives total control of your hair without the heavy feeling or oily excess.

Mega Whip is a product sold at Bing Dio Salon and it is my new bestfriend instead of the usual wax or gel. See the results of what I can do with it below. It smells good and kinda looks like a whipped marshmallow.

After 2 weeks I got back again to try another color and experiment on something I don't usually do (my Mom would kill me if she saw this lol). Yes its hot pink!

The process was the same, my hair was colored with violet looking mix from Davines and again tons of foil on my head that made me look like an alien. The whole Bing Dio Salon Team's hand were on my head.

After 30 minutes, the right color is now evident and Bing Dio final checks everything before the staff washes them and put primer.

Then it was wash time and voila - Pink baby!

After each color Bing Dio Salon gives your hair an extra fix so that it will not be dull and still looked normal even though its colored.

After 15 minutes of conditioning my hair, Bing Dio gives me the magical haircut that would fit my new pink hairdo.

Look Ma! I look great front and back! I love this Pink hair!

After a successful haircut and blowdrying. They used Bed Head Mega Whip once again to style my hair. I am a completely new person with this look. In just hours, it ended with this. I totally LOVED it!

It was fast and it went so well. Painless and the right kind of Pink that I wanted. Even got my very own Bed Head Mega Whip this time! Thank you Bing Dio Salon for the awesome experience ever!

The Team behind my awesome hair! 

Go like them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jerusalembybingdio or for reservations call them at (02) -373-1929 / 09179494620 / 09062673099. Jerusalem N. Dio by Bing Dio Salon is located at 58 Pentagrand Bldg Mother Ignacia St. cor Scout Deguia 1100 Quezon City, Philippines.

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