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Daniel Padilla and his flashy choice of Rayban Sunglasses

If you had been following Daniel Padilla and his get-up then you might have notice the extensive line of sunglasses or shades as we call them that he uses. There's a lot of it I tell you but I'm just gonna post the ones that I seriously love and forced myself to even buy one or two.

These are the Large Metal Aviators or some refer to it as Flash Aviators from Rayban. See 2 colors as worn by Daniel in the recent Garage Magazine shoot (Kathryn Bernardo also wore it during the G2B Fun Run) and just this week he is flashing a gold version of it that makes me have it. 

These babies are pricey and can cost more than Php8000 but don't worry if you cannot afford it you can go to Divisoria and try on those similar looking sunglasses for less. Same style but costs Php150 to Php395 only. You may visit Rayban's page and see the full range of colors at http://www.ray-ban.com/international/products/sun/icons/RB3025?var=112/69
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