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Globe Telecom Logo Redesign: A Wonderful hit or a miss?

I've been with Globe for almost decade now and I loved their services and rewards. I noticed something new with their ads lately, the one with Gerald Anderson is endorsing - the logo is quite different. There had been no press release that I know of or any news of this. 

The updated logo is sleek and very modern. It has the iOS button feel to it and a font that is not shouting out too loud. The thin and regular font logos are coming back I guess. (Take a look at Yahoo's logo redesign).

This is their old logo. A bit fun and expressive, targeted to the teens and hip market. While the new logo is between modern and corporate. This makes you feel classy and professional.

Here is the version of it in colored background. Looks pretty solid too, right?

The new logo is not making buzz but on Twitter #0917Wonderful is non-stop trending. 0917-Wonderful is Globe's little way of thanking everyone for being Globe-connected. You guys get ready for WONDERFUL GIFTS this season starting TODAY!

Now, there's something WONDERFUL to watch out for everyday at 09:17AM and 09:17PM! Go to http://www.0917wonderful.com/ now. 
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