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Daniel Padilla Super Overload

Daniel Padilla is all over the place! He's called the Teen King by his fans and the biggest star to date!

Fans are eager, excited and never the less counting down the premiere of the much anticipated "Got to Believe". Airing this 26th of August and kicking off with a Color Fun Run at Aseana. 

Speaking of Daniel, BUM has some fantastic items for fans!

1. Google Chrome Themes, not just one but 2!

To download this go to http://www.themebeta.com/node/60554. Click on the blue "Apply Theme" button to apply Daniel Padilla V1 theme. 

To download this go to http://www.themebeta.com/node/60960. Click on the blue "Apply Theme" button to apply Daniel Padilla V2 theme. 

2. Hey DJ Bookmarklet, transform any image on any website with Daniel Padilla's photos!

Get the #HeyDJ bookmarklet at http://heydj.bumequipment.com.ph/. To use, follow the steps below.

a. Open your Chrome browser, Show your bookmarks bar by pressing Ctrl+Shift+B or go to Settings>Bookmarks>Show Bookmarks Bar.

b. Type http://heydj.bumequipment.com.ph/ at your address bar. You'll see a pink Hey DJ button. drag it to the top, to your bookmarks bar. A blank icon will show up with a HEY DJ text next to it.

c. Now try it! Open any website and just click the HEY DJ bookmarklet to change any website's image to Daniel Padilla photos.

Nifty isn't it? Watch the how to video to see it work.

3. An exclusive wallpaper to thank the fans for trending #BUMAnniversarySale. Download the full resolution at http://i.imgur.com/CelC2kn.jpg.

Lastly they are giving away 3 CDs and poster to fans that will post wacky photos at Instagram. For more info on the contest. Go here.

We had a post about "Daniel Padilla Chalk Magazine Scans and Video Arises Online" which by the way is still the top post of this blog. Here are some photos we collected from the social networks. Enjoy!

BUM is on SALE the whole month this August as the celebrate their 21st Anniversary! Visit their boutiques and shop now! Follow Them on Twitter too!

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